EcoLogical Card
EcoFriendly Card

Clean Earth® BioPVC

Bio PVC is an environmentally friendly solution for the rigid PVC card market. The result is a 99% PVC product that biodegrades in nine months to five years in a commercially controlled landfill where soil, water, compost or wherever in continual contact with microorganisms. The bioremediation works in an aerobic or anaerobic environment. Clean Earth™ Bios cards can be provided in both printed and blank cards with or without flush magnetic stripes.

Clean Earth® 100% Recycled PVC Cards

The recycled PVC material is manufactured in America using PVC scrap material that was previously used to manufacture plastic cards or waste generated from the PVC manufacturing process. The product is indistinguishable from conventional plastic in both reliability and functionality. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications including gift cards, promotional cards, ID cards, signs, point of purchase displays, membership cards, hotel keycards, bookmarks, rulers, hang tags, drivers licenses, circle calculators, playing cards, luggage tags, and specialty advertising.

Recycled PVC can be provided in both blank and printed cards with or without flush magnetic stripes. The recycled PVC performs exactly like a conventional PVC card product.

Due to the manufacturing process, recycled PVC will have an off white appearance, which distinguishes it from convention white PVC material.